Re: [xsl] template matching priority...

Subject: Re: [xsl] template matching priority...
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 12:00:15 -0400

This isn't what you asked about (the @priority attribute is what you want for that), but you might also consider this modification for the fallback template:

<xsl:template match="row/*">

This is probably more robust than using a regular expression to match elements by name, plus it better captures the actual logic (elements inside rows should become entries), so it is less likely to have unwanted spill-over effects elsewhere.


On 3/28/2011 10:40 AM, Fabien Tillier wrote:
<xsl:template match="*[matches(local-name(),'[N,P]{1}[0-9]+')]">
		<entry><xsl:value-of select="text()"/></entry>

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