[stella] Special VCS emulator

Subject: [stella] Special VCS emulator
From: danboris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Dan Boris)
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 97 15:24:10 EST
Earlier someone said that it would be useful to have a 2600 emulator that
could be used to determine how the screens of various games are drawn. 
Well ask and you shall recieve!:

(there is no link on my page so you will have to use the full URL)

I hacked this up real quick from my Virtual VCS emulator. They keys 1-5 allow
you to toggle the playfield, player 0, player 1, missile 0, missile 1 on and 
off. When I was doing it I forgot about the Ball, but if you turn everything 
else off, when ever is still on is the ball :)

Please note that Virtual VCS is a pretty old emulator, it is slow and has 
a lot of bugs, but it should suffice for this purpose.

If there are any other features like this that people would find useful please
let me know.

						Dan Boris

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