[stella] Reliability of Supercharger loads?

Subject: [stella] Reliability of Supercharger loads?
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 06:59:42 GMT
Well, after a couple weeks, I finally got a computer, a 2600 console, a
Supercharger, a TV and an RF switchbox all in the same room.  I makewaved
the .bin of my game.. had to try the player a few times, but eventually it
worked.  Displayed a stable image, but couldn't interact with the game..
changing the code to write $00 instead of $FF to the data direction
registers fixed that (misread the docs).

Anyways, the thing works, but the loads seem very unreliable, even with the
brand new version of Bob's Makewav... I couldn't get the thing to load all
the way through more than one time out of ten, and didn't get any fastload
wavs to work.  Set everything as close to ideal as possible - MS-DOS mode,
DOS wave player by the manufacturer of my soundcard, used the software
mixer to mute the right channel (seeing as how the Supercharger uses a mono
plug), max the volume of the left channel, and mute all inputs (CD, line
in, mic in)... turned off all other electronic devices in the room
including my monitor, even running the player and .wavs off a ramdrive so
nothing would access the hard disk to cause a glitch in the playback.  When
that didn't work reliably, I tried sending the signal through my powered
speaker to amplify it before hitting the Supercharger.. that didn't help
either.  Phaser Patrol loads fine off cassette just about every time, so I
know the 'charger is fine.  (no, recording my wav onto cassette and then
playing it into the 'charger didn't work either.)

I'm using a Gravis Ultrasound, which is a not-quite-SB-compatible card, but
it's never given me wave playback problems before... I do have a real SB
that I can try if I need to.  Anyone know what I'm missing, or is it just
the Gravis being not-quite-compatible?

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