[stella] Re: Does River Raid End?

Subject: [stella] Re: Does River Raid End?
From: emooney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Erik Mooney)
Date: Sat, 07 Nov 1998 01:09:42 GMT
>It would be awesome to rig some kind of game genie, like maybe to disable
>*all* collision detection, or at least infinite lives, and just play and
>play and play and see what happens. Maybe an emulator could do something
>like this easily??  (Of course if it was an impassibly thin river passage,
>infinite lives wouldn't happen-- much cooler to just let it scroll and
>scroll and scroll)

Here's more info on the same.  If you change my first patch to be the bytes
A9 FF 85 B8 EA EA instead, it'll keep your fuel gauge full all the time.
So you can just fly along the left edge of the screen and see all the
scenery.  (You have to hold the joystick left to keep the plane completely
off the screen, and of course you'll wanna hold up to keep it moving
faster.  Also remember that if you've a fast processor, you can use PCAE
and set it to no max frame rate, to scroll through really fast.)

In DOS, here's the patch:
debug riveraid.bin
-e 3E7 A9 FF 85 B8 EA EA
-e 562 4C 68 14

Also, btw, for the Stella list - this appears to indicate that collisions
are *not* generated during the HMOVE blank lines, which occupy the entire
left edge of the screen.  It appears that the enemy planes can fly through
the space occupied by the player's plane, but collisions aren't generated
because the objects are hidden by the HMOVE blank lines.

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