Re: [xsl] outputting &nbsp to HTML

Subject: Re: [xsl] outputting &nbsp to HTML
From: Trevor Nash <tcn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 19:05:12 +0000
David wrote:

>>  XSL-List info and archive:
>the reson for having an archive is to save people asking a question that
>just got discussed at great length the day before (and the day before
>that, and the day before that...)
Trouble is, you have to be quite diligent to find anything:

  &nbsp;  turns up nothing
  &nbsp   gives you yards of stuff which is irrelevant
  nbsp      gives you the same

Which is very odd, because when I tried it a day or two ago (the last
time this question was asked) I got nothing for 'nbsp' unless I also
checked 'partial match', when - bingo, I got the relevant stuff.

Is somebody trying to fix this?  Or did I use a different browser /
type something different without realizing it?

Whatever: the archive isn't as useful as it might be for this
particular question.

There's a very terse treatment on Dave Pawsons's site, but it doesn't
mention the No 2 gotcha about &#160; coming out as an A, or the matter
of getting the encoding right.

Maybe we should have the top three FAQs explicitly listed on the XSL
list home page?  Then there really would be no excuse.

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