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Subject: RE: [xsl] Get specific elements
From: TSchutzerWeissmann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 12:34:57 +0100

> Thanks for the answer. I was think if there was a way of 
> using ./ancestor::*
> Something like this
> <xsl:variable name="path" select="./ancestor::*"/>
> <xsl:variable name="elements" select="document($doc)//*"/> 
> and then find THE element with the same ancestors.
> <xsl:variable name="element" ...

It sounds like you want to test nodes according to whether they share a
path. If the nodes are from a different document to the one that defines the
path, the two can't have the *same* ancestors, only the same sequence of

You could use a key if you know what depth of path you want to compare,
otherwise you might need a recursive function.

<xsl:key name="nodesByPath_5deep" match="*" 
	use="concat(local-name(ancestor::*[1]), '|'
			local-name(ancestor::*[2]), '|' ,
			local-name(ancestor::*[3]), '|' ,
			local-name(ancestor::*[4]), '|' ,
			local-name(ancestor::*[5]) )" />

then get $path by concatenating in the same way:
<xsl:variable name="path" select="concat(local-name(ancestor::*[1]), '|'
			local-name(ancestor::*[2]), '|' ,
			local-name(ancestor::*[3]), '|' ,
			local-name(ancestor::*[4]), '|' ,
			local-name(ancestor::*[5]) )" />

The good thing about this is that using document() will change the context
of the key, so you can apply-templates to all the elements in the $doc that
match $path just by doing this:

<xsl:for-each select="document($doc)">  -- for-each changes the context
	<xsl:apply-templates select="key('nodesByPath_5deep', $path"/>

Come to think of it, it doesn't matter if you do this to compare things with
only 2 ancestors (as in both cases the nonexistent anscestors will return ""
for name().

it might work...

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