Re: Graphic Size Problem

Subject: Re: Graphic Size Problem
From: Oisin McGuinness <oisin@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 May 98 11:01:28 -0400

If you consult the list archives for around November 7 1997 (in the
Digest Vol 1 # 192), there was a prior disussion of the graphic sizing issue.

The results are the same today, in jade 1.1. (I just looked at the code for
all the backends.)

I summarize:
 a) The TeX backend passes through scaling information.
    (Quote from S Rahtz: 
        "external-graphic scaling certainly does work....")

 b) The SGML backend passes all characteristics of the external graphic call
     through to build an <external-graphics ...> element.

c) The RTF backend generates a field using INCLUDEPICTURE. No scaling happens. 
    I quote James Clark's reply:

     "Jade uses the INCLUDEPICTURE field instruction which doesn't provide a
     way to do scaling.  The alternative would be use use some OLE magic and
     include the picture as a bitmap, but that would work only on Windows and
     wouldn't take advantage of Word's graphic filters.

    One way to fix this might be to generate in addition to the RTF a VB
    macro that would fix the scaling of the pictures.

Quite apart from James' suggested fix, another way, requiring a fair bit of work (which
has been on my list of things to do when I acquired a lot of free time), would be:

a) make sure all external graphics were available, or were converted to WMF,
b) use the {\pict } destination in RTF, embedding the WMF directly, following the rules
   given in the RTF Spec,  pages 55-57. Specifying scaling is possible then.

Has anyone tried  this?  (I'm not likely to get to it anytime soon.)

And by the way, does anyone have a list of useful Jade extensions, especially with
respect to the RTF backend?  There is no point in several people doing the same work....

Oisin McGuinness

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New York NY 10172

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