Re: Graphic Size Problem

Subject: Re: Graphic Size Problem
From: Chuck Darney <cdarney@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 08:43:50 -0400
Norm Walsh writes:
> There are (apparently) some difficult/impossible to control interactions
> between scaling and the Word graphic import filters.  In practice, I think
> this means you can't set the height or width of graphics.
> However, based on a report of success, I've added support for
> the scale attribute on graphic to db108b7.  So if the image is
> twice as big as it should be, you may be able to say "scale=50"
> on the graphic and get Word to make it the right size.  No
> promises, it hasn't actually worked for me yet.

When will you be making db108b7 available?  I assume the change for it
is in DBGRAPH.DSL?  What changes the scaling like that?  Modifying the
Scale/max-width/max-height didn't seem to do anything.  

> | On a similar vein, has anyone used WordPerfect to read the RTF files?
> | There are some significant difference in the look.  Graphics don't read
> | at all.  Is there any way to make WordPerfect work better?
> Have you tried the rtf-95 backend?

I've used both rtf and rtf-95, mostly rtf-95 since I was using Word95. 
I found no differences with the options with regard to Word, but I
wasn't looking for them either.  WordPerfect, on the other hand, has
some significant differences in its implementation of RTF that are not
handled well by either Jade option.  I don't know who's implmentation
deviates most from the RTF "standard".  Based on previous experience
with MS-flavored "standards", I suspect them to be the culprit -- IMO. 
I have significant concerns about their implmentation of XML/XSL for the
same reason.

Has anyone else made any modifications to the Jade backend processing to
support their particular application?  I would consider doing so if it's

...Chuck Darney

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