Re: Semantics of multi-mode fo

Subject: Re: Semantics of multi-mode fo
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri Mar 28 06:13:51 1997 EST
At 09:12 28/03/97 -0800, Norbert H. Mikula wrote:
>The multi-mode flow object I consider to be 
>a *very* powerful utility for DSSSL styles.

>The interface to my DSSSL engine YADE currently
>supports only multi-mode fos with two filled ports.
>(The Default port and one alternative port)
>A mouseclick opens up a window that displays the 
>second "view".

The intention was that the content of each port was by default displayed in
the *same* window; in order to pop up a window, the content of a port would
be wrapped in a scroll flow object.  The idea is to be able to model the
sort of behaviour you get with TOCs in Dynatext or Panorama (or with a tree
control in windows): one port would contain the unexpanded view of a portion
of a TOC, and the other port would contain the expanded view; so clicking on
the unexpanded view would have the effect of expanding it, and vice versa.


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