Semantics of multi-mode fo

Subject: Semantics of multi-mode fo
From: Norbert H. Mikula <nmikula@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri Mar 28 04:01:57 1997 EST
The multi-mode flow object I consider to be 
a *very* powerful utility for DSSSL styles.

One of the biggest problems, however, is the
semantics of this multi-mode fo. ISO 10179
leaves it pretty much up to the implementor to decide
on how to interpret (implement) it.

I would like to see a discussion about how we
can find a common ground about the actual
rendering (use) of multi-mode.

The interface to my DSSSL engine YADE currently
supports only multi-mode fos with two filled ports.
(The Default port and one alternative port)
A mouseclick opens up a window that displays the 
second "view".

On paper based media we have to find other means.
One approach might be to use footnotes. However,
it would restrict the amount of information 
we can put into it. (Alternatives? appendix, maybe...)

(James) I am not an expert on RTF, but, for the Jade
RTF backend, what about doing
some kind of hyperlinked structured that would open
a seperate document with the alternative rendering(s). 

We might even have to decide on whether multi-mode fo
is a fo that is only suitable for online-rendering and
not for paper based publishing methods.

I will be talking about this (and other subjects of
DSSSL stylesheets design) also at 
SGML Europe '97 and I thought, since we have now
a public forum for such discussion I can get 
additional valuable input here.
PS: IMHO it was high on time for such a mailing-list.
Thanx to Mulberry Technologies for their initiative !

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Best regards,
Norbert H. Mikula

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