Jade 0.7 changes

Subject: Jade 0.7 changes
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 19:56:39 +0700
There are some quite extensive changes in Jade 0.7.

One important internal change is that backends can now add their own
specialized flow objects without changing the front end.  The SGML
transformation backend now uses this to implement its flow objects.

The main addition in the front-end is support for much more of the query
language.  A lot of what is not implemented can be implemented easily with
procedure definitions.

Microsoft have now released its free Word Viewer 97, and the Jade RTF
backend now uses the Word/Word Viewer 97 hyperlink mechanism for
representing links.  Word Viewer 97 has several features that are
significant for Jade, notably much better Unicode support and tables with
vertical spans.

SP now has some support for XML validation.  Use -wxml to turn this on.
(This is in fact shorthand for turning on about 40 new warnings, but I
haven't yet written any documentation for these.)

The Windows binary distribution for this version includes all the SP
executables (in their Unicode version).


PS There was a glitch in the source zip file which I've now fixed.  The
correct size of the file is 995,775 bytes.

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