Linebreaks and entities in -t SGML stylesheets

Subject: Linebreaks and entities in -t SGML stylesheets
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 25 Apr 1997 09:00:58 -0400
Hello world,

Two quick questions (I promise to think of not-so-quick one's later ;-):

Is there any way to control the placement of linebreaks in the output
of stylesheets in -t SGML mode?  I'm generating HTML at the moment, so it
doesn't much matter, but it occured to me that in other DTDs, pernicious
mixed content could be a problem.

How can I ouput character entities in my stylesheet?  There must be something
I'm not understanding about the interactions of DTDs and stylesheets in
Jade at the moment.  If I include (literal "&nbsp;"), I'm surprised that
jade wants to interpret that entity reference.  What am I missing?


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