Re: content maps

Subject: Re: content maps
From: Vivek Agrawala <vivek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 09:41:46 -0400
Taranov Alexander wrote:

> here is a quotation from DSSSL standard doc:
> Each flow object specified in the content sosofo is considered
> in turn.  If it is unlabeled, it is appended to the stream attached to
> the principal port of the constructed flow object, if the constructed
> flow object has a principal port, otherwise this shall be an error.  If it
> is labeled, and the label is one that is mapped by the content map,
> then the flow object is appended to the stream attached to the port of
> the flow object to which that label is mapped.  Otherwise, the
> flow object is appended to the result sosofo; these flow objects are
> after the constructed flow object in the result sosofo

  I also had trouble understanding the last sentence several months
  ago. James Clark explained the semantics as follows:
  "A sosofo in a content expression doesn't always end up as part
   of the content of the flow object constructed by the make
   expression in which it appears. If the sosofo is labeled and
   the label doesn't match one of the ports of the flow object,
   then it will 'bubble up' into the content of a flow object
   higher up the tree."

> could anybody clear for me what will happen if
> 1. I specify content map
>         (make scroll
>           content-map: '((main #f))
>         )
> 2. some of fo's  of content sosofo labeled with 'main and some are
> not.
>         according to above those with label will be attached to
>         principal stream, but i cannot understand what will happen
>         to unlabeled?
>         will they be appended to constructed (scroll in this case)
>         sosofo ?


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