One month of DSSSList

Subject: One month of DSSSList
From: Tony Graham <tgraham@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 18:51:33 -0400 (EDT)
DSSSList passed the one month mark on Friday.  We now have 170
subscribers -- 130 subscribers to the list, and 40 subscribers to the
daily compilation -- and there have been 190 messages posted to the

This is a heartening level of activity, and thank you to all who have
posted questions, answers, or information.  Thanks go especially to
James Clark for his frequent insightful postings.  DSSSList is
achieving its purpose of being a forum where DSSSL users help other
DSSSL users and increase the spread of DSSSL knowledge.

190 is a lot of messages, almost too many to search through to find
the information you need, so we will soon add search capability to the
DSSSList archive.

If it's also too many for your inbox, there's always the option of
subscribing to the daily digest.  Not only is it one mail message
containing all of that day's DSSSList messages, but it averages half
the bytes of the individual messages since it doesn't include the
overhead of the mail headers from each message.  To unsubscribe from
the individual message list and subscribe to the digest, send mail to
majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the following two lines in the body of
the message:
unsubscribe dssslist
subscribe dssslist-digest

Some people have tried unsubscribing by sending messages to the list.
The address to use when subscribing and unsubscribing is
majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  How to subscribe and unsubscribe, the
DSSSList archive, plus all the Majordomo commands you can use are
listed under the DSSSList web page at  As
of today, a reminder of the DSSSList web page is being appended as a
footer to every DSSSList message.

Lastly, if you start a completely new thread, please start a new mail
message.  Please do not reply to an existing message then change the
"Subject:" line since the headers in your reply may contain references
to prior messages and the software creating the DSSSList archive will
faithfully indent your new thread under the existing thread to which
you replied.


Tony Graham
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