JadeTeX again

Subject: JadeTeX again
From: Taranov Alexander <tay@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 16:17 MSD
Sebastian Rahtz writes:
 > I have just changed jadetex again, and made some important changes to
 > make sure labels and links work properly. If you look at
 >  http://www.tug.org/applications/jadetex/dsssl.pdf
 > you can see the result. This is the DSSSL spec transformed to TeX, and
 > run through pdftex, which generates PDF output instead of TeX's
 > original .dvi form. This demonstrates that:
 >  a) the TeX output for straightforward text is about right (yes there
 >     are problems still...)
 >  b) color works properly
 >  c) linking translates properly to PDF links (see p. 7 for first examples)
 >  d) pdftex makes a very pleasant working environment
 >      sgml ----> TeX   --------> PDF --------> eyes
 >           jade         pdftex       acroread
 >     which cuts out the traditional TeX driver processing, Acrobat
 >     Distiller, and what have you
 > Sorry, i didn't optimize the PDF
 > sebastian
I have download dsssl.pdf, but neither acroread 2.1 nor 3.0 would not 
load it due to error. what i'm doing worong?
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