Re: Programmable or declarative stylesheets?

Subject: Re: Programmable or declarative stylesheets?
From: lee@xxxxxx
Date: Mon, 19 May 97 16:00:58 EDT
A minor comment on Paul's message, really as an aside:
> There is a tendency for systems with a built-in programming language to
> leave out functions because they can be implemented as part of the
> stylesheet language. For instance HTML doesn't have any kind of
> reasonable footnote or popup note element.

For what it's worth, HTML has had such a facility since the beginning,
in 1989/90<A REL="FOOTNOTE" HREF="#ref1">[1]</A>.  The major browser
vendors happen not to implement it.


<A NAME="ref1">
[1] See Tim's early design documents, with particular reference to link
roles and the descriptions of the REL and REV attributes and their meanings.

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