question on mapping of character entity references

Subject: question on mapping of character entity references
From: "Kevin Desmarais" <desmarai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 16:26:40 -0400
I am using Jade and DSSSL to translate documents from one DTD to another
and I need to keep character entity references in-tact in my SGML.  It
appears that Jade has a default behavior is to replace character entity
references on translation.  Is there anyway to disable this behavior or to
get around it?

e.g. Character entity references such as the ones made in the following
element are getting replaced in the outputed element when I use Jade to
translate my document.  I would like to translate the content of the
element "as-is" and maintain the entity references in the output.

	<title>&ldquo;TITLE TEXT&rdquo;</title>

Any suggestions???

Thanks -

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