Re: SDATA entity mapping

Subject: Re: SDATA entity mapping
From: alb@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Anders Berglund)
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 10:13:06 -0400
Without support in Jade for SDATA entities you will have to go through
some "gymnastics" to get special alphabets and symbols. For a (coin)
catalog of Medieval Russian coins I am using the following technique:

- add an element for each language (really equal to a font)
- define the entities in terms of #PCDATA in that element
- in the DSSSL spec just make a sequence flow object with
  an appropriate font-family

This method leaves a lot to be desired (speaking as the person who
designed most of the character-glyph handling in DSSSL), but it 
at least separates out most of the definition into the (hopefully
separate file) entity definitions and only "pollutes" the DTD

With the absence of SDATA in XML it seems that this "solution" will
be forced upon people like you and me that need more than Unicode
(and please don't counter with the "privte use" area - that stinks
even worse!)


An extract from my application:

<!ENTITY  sep        "<oc>&#220;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  zig        "<oc>&#214;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  bullet     "<oc>&#208;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  star8      "<oc>&#233;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  star5      "<oc>&#215;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  rstar6     "<oc>&#217;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  dagger     "<oc>&#218;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  cross      "<oc>&#219;</oc>"                                 >
<!ENTITY  JA         "<oc>01</oc>"                                     >
<!ENTITY  LH         "<oc>&#164;</oc>"                                 >

<!ELEMENT oc          - -  ((#PCDATA|titla)*)   -- old slavonic text -->
<!ELEMENT titla       - -  (#PCDATA)   -- titla in old slavonic text -->

;                      LANGUAGE ELEMENTS

(define %old-slavonic-font-family% "CoinOldCyr")

(element OC
  (make sequence
        font-family-name: %old-slavonic-font-family%

(element TITLA
  (make score
        type: 'after

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