Re: SDATA entity mapping

Subject: Re: SDATA entity mapping
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 10:36:38 +0700
At 06:22 20/05/97 -0400, Stephen J. Tinney wrote:
>Dylan van Rijsbergen wrote:
>>1. Is it possible to force Jade to use another set of entity mappings, so I
>>can force the special characters to their unicode value?
>I would be interested in such a thing as well (I suppose I just said
>`me too').
>I have SGML source files marked up with entities such as &alef; which I
>need to map to the Unicode value.  In the SGML FOT I am currently doing
>  (element ALEF (output (string-append "&" "#02BE;")))
>where output is function calling `make formatting-instruction', then I have
>a post-processor hack it into UTF.

By UTF, do you mean UTF-8?

If so, you can do this more easily by using -b utf-8 option on the command
line and then doing

  (element ALEF (literal "\U-2135;"))

If you have an entity set that declares alef like this

  <!entity alef CDATA "&#8501;" -- 0x2135 is 8501 -->

and the SGML declaration for your DSSSL style sheet is Unicode, then you can
reference the entity set in your style sheet and just do:

  (element ALEF (literal "&alef;"))

But since Jade knows about alef, you can just use the Unicode name directly
without the entity set:

  (element ALEF (literal "\alef-symbol;"))


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