Enhancements for html32hc-1.dcl

Subject: Enhancements for html32hc-1.dcl
From: "Daniel M. German" <dmg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 21:47:01 -0400 (EDT)
Helo DSSSL-ers!

I have enhanced Bosak's html-32 style-sheet to support some new
features. They are listed at the bottom of this message.

My idea is to blend these changes with Jon's version (I don't want to
create a spin-off of his, there is no need). At the same time, I don't
want to take some of his time (we all know how busy he is). Hence, I
am asking interested people to try this version and report any bugs or
corrections to me.  If this seems to be stable, then I'll incorporate
it with the official html32hc style-sheet. I have only tried with RTF,
so I have no idea whether it will work for other backends.

For the time being, I have renamed it: html32hc-1.dcl. You  can
download it from:


Comments and bug reports are welcome.

;;    I have added support for the following characteristics:
;;        % units
;;        attributes on TABLE: width, align, border, cellspacing
;;                             cellpadding
;;                           * Notice that cellpadding does not
;;                             work as it does in the browsers whenever
;;                             a border is defined. It will look ugly
;;                             (IMHO) if the border is that big
;;                           * the border size has to be specified, 
;;                             no default allowed in the DTD (Am I wrong?)
;;        attributes on TD and TH: align, valign, rowspan, colspan, nowrap
;;                           * rowspan does not seem to work in RTF
;;                           * valign does not seem to work in RTF
;;                           * nowrap does not seem to work in RTF
;;     I modified the following sections: 
;;        TABLE, TD, TH
;;        CAPTION. It aligns the caption with the table
;;        PARSEDUNIT.  To support "%" units of screen size
;;        FONT. It handles +/- absolute sizes
;; Still pending:
;;    automatic table column widths
;;    start attribute on OL
;;    value attribute on LI
;;    noshade attribute on HR

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