XS: XS discussion on the DSSSList

Subject: XS: XS discussion on the DSSSList
From: DSSSList Owner <dssslist-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 18:54:18 -0400 (EDT)
As Jon Bosak announced, the DSSSList will host the XML-STYLE (XS)
discussion.  The DSSSList has become a very good forum for the
discussion of DSSSL topics, and as the number and scope of responses
following James Clark's post about DSSSL WWW enhancements
(http://www.mulberrytech.com/dsssl/dssslist/archive/0267.html) showed,
there is already a high level of interest in the future of DSSSL on
the Web among DSSSList subscribers.

The posts to the DSSSList following James's opening of that discussion
included both "DSSSL and the Web" posts and "usual" posts where a user
asked a question to the list and other DSSSL users responded.  The
DSSSList will continue to be the place to come to ask for help with
DSSSL.  The XS discussion is of interest to the DSSSL users who are
the subscribers to this list, but so is the ability to talk about
stylesheet problems or about other aspects of DSSSL.

So the XS discussion does not overwhelm the usual functions of the
list, all posts related to XS should begin with "XS: ".  The XS
discussion will be intense at times, but it is only for a couple of
months, and it is your chance to influence the specification of DSSSL
online applications.

Obviously we don't yet know what the volume of traffic will be, but if
the XS discussion does adversely affect the incidence of other
discussions, then the XS discussion will have to be moved to a list of
its own.  If, at any time, you have any questions or problems
concerning the operation of the DSSSList, including the hosting of the
XS discussion, you are welcome to send mail to


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