XS: print output

Subject: XS: print output
From: Jon Bosak <bosak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 11:18:43 -0700
[This was sent a couple of days ago but bounced due to a change in my
mail setup.]

Several comments have indicated that some people think that XS is only
for screen display, which is not true.  The objective is to define a
set of features that works for screen display and also for
high-quality printouts from XML editors and browsers.  "High quality"
is hard to define, but it means something considerably better than
what current HTML browsers will give you but not as fancy as what
would be needed for glossy magazine layouts.  The criterion used in
forming the current application profile was that it should support the
level of printing needed for good-looking but simple one-column
publications like technical manuals.  The printed versions of the
xml-lang and xml-link specifications are a good example of this level
of functionality.  Some experimentation with Jade suggests that it has
just about exactly what is needed for this purpose.  I would certainly
not accept a level of print quality below this threshold.  Whether we
should go the next step up to, say, the level needed to support the
average academic journal (math, footnotes, double columns) is an
interesting question.


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