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Subject: Re: XS: print output -Reply
From: Sebastian Rahtz <s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 10:59:59 +0100 (BST)
 > >Several comments have indicated that some people think
 > >that XS is only for screen display, which is not true.  

I like David Pawson's arguments about change bars. Its hard-wiring in
a purely visual tool

If XS is supposed to be cover moderately simple print formatting, I
would expect it to be useable for those mountains of academic articles
out there in the world (like those physics preprints archives from Los
Alamos). I know I am biased (being a TeX person) but I would really
like it if XML/XS was able to replace `starters' LaTeX, viz the
minimum functionality to a a typical `report' or `article'. And to get
that you really have to add in:

 - simple floats
 - footnotes
 - simple multicolumns
 - equations (and as James pointed out, numbering those needs the
    sidebyside features...)

I am not asking for serious typography, but suggesting these are
needed for the `set of page-oriented features needed to provide
quality printouts'


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