Subject: n-rows-spanned
From: "Daniel M. German" <dmg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 18:48:03 -0400 (EDT)
Hello DSSSL-ers,

I am trying to get the n-rows-spanned characteristic of table-cell to

Somehow, it does not seem to work. Before I submit _another_ bug report
on the issue, I'd like somebody to tell me whether I am doing something

The table is supposed to have the first cell in the first column to
spanning 2 rows. Notice the use of cell-number to force the first cell
of row two to be empty.

Jade skips the first column of the second row but does not "span" the
column in the first row to incorporate this empty space.

I am using Jade 0.7.

Thanks a lot.

<!doctype style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN">

(element TABLE
	 (make simple-page-sequence
	       (make table

(element TR
	 (make table-row

(element TD
	 (make table-cell
	          (if (attribute-string "ROWSPAN")
		      (string->number (attribute-string "ROWSPAN"))
	       column-number: (string->number (attribute-string "COLNO"))
	       (make paragraph

<!DOCTYPE table [
<!ELEMENT table - - (tr+)>
<!ELEMENT tr - O (th|td)*>

<!ATTLIST td                  -- header or data cell --
        ROWSPAN NUMBER   1         -- number of rows spanned by cell --
        COLNO   NUMBER   1         -- number of rows spanned by cell --
                <TD COLNO=1 ROWSPAN=2>Item 1 (and some more
                stuff to make it span several lines and see the
                vertical alignment in the others</TD>
                <TD COLNO=2>Item 2</TD> 
                <TD COLNO=3>Item 3</TD> 
                <TD COLNO=4> Item 4</TD>
                <TD COLNO=2>Item 5</TD>
                <TD COLNO=3>Item 6</TD> 
                <TD COLNO=4>Item 7</TD>

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