Re: n-rows-spanned

Subject: Re: n-rows-spanned
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 13:15:25 +0700
At 18:48 28/05/97 -0400, Daniel M. German wrote:
>Hello DSSSL-ers,
>I am trying to get the n-rows-spanned characteristic of table-cell to
>Somehow, it does not seem to work. Before I submit _another_ bug report
>on the issue, I'd like somebody to tell me whether I am doing something
>The table is supposed to have the first cell in the first column to
>spanning 2 rows. Notice the use of cell-number to force the first cell
>of row two to be empty.

It looks fine to me.

>Jade skips the first column of the second row but does not "span" the
>column in the first row to incorporate this empty space.

The RTF I get looks right when I view it in Word Viewer97: I see the
baseline of Items 5 - 7 aligned with the second line of the content of Item 1.


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