Re: API to formatters and grove engines -Reply

Subject: Re: API to formatters and grove engines -Reply
From: Jean-Xavier Lotthé <mg068-3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 15:52:05 +0000
David wrote:
>When I first came to
>SGML I picked up enough Java to start to run Tim Brays
>offering to the world, Lark (
> From that I can isolate elements,
>access characteristics and content, and then use the 
>power of Java to do what | wanted.
>Is this another approach that may do what you want?

This approach is not better than VB with the GroveBuilder OLE automation
interface. In both case, you just access elements but you still are obliged
to format the document through some internal code. You're right: I *could*
do it this way, as I could do it with VB. However, by doing this I would not
take any advantage from DSSSL searching and formatting power. It would be
feasible, yes, but not satisfactory.

I also have to keep in mind that my application should only be designed as a
'browse and display' utility. The format of the output should be left to the
user's preference. I will have mine, of course. Imagine you would now like
to use it for print disabled persons though: you could not care about visual
display, you could like to have navigation support (all the titles and
subtitles read at the start of the document) and so on. These options should
be kept as independant from the 'browse and display' utility as possible.
They must be very flexible and easily altered by the end user.

Another concern is to reuse display formats that could have been defined for
other platforms without having to recompile the program.

The only reason why I should consider Java, in my opinion, is portability.
Considering the learning curve (for Java or C) and the fact that my
application is just a prototype as for now, I don't think it is worth the
time it would imply. Furthermore, most users will have access to a Windows
based computer.
Portability might then be a second step but I don't have plan for it now.

Thanks for your 'impressed' support, David ;)


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