DocBook stylesheet 0.85 released

Subject: DocBook stylesheet 0.85 released
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 08:52:20 -0400

Added %chap-app-running-heads% to control use of running heads in
Added %chap-app-running-head-autolabel% to control LABEL attributes.
  If chap-app-running-head-autolabel is #t, Chapters and Appendixes 
  that do not specify a LABEL attribute will be treated as if they 
  specified LABEL=AUTO.  If this is #f, Chapters and Appendixes
  without a LABEL attribute will have only the title in the running head.
  Based on a suggestion from James Bostock.
Fixed bug in dbcompon.dsl where "Chapter" was compared to "CHAPTER" and
  consequently all chapters and appendixes were labelled with "A", "B",

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