Announce: DocBook modular stylesheet 0.86

Subject: Announce: DocBook modular stylesheet 0.86
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 08:33:29 -0400

README for DocBook Style Sheet version 0.86, 1997-07-07

Added support for QUOTE
Added support for CORPAUTHOR
Added %refentry-name-font-family%, the font family used for the refentry
  name.  It's mono by default if %refentry-function% is true, body 
Added %refentry-new-page%; controls whether or not each RefEntry begins on
  a new page
Changed auto toc code to put References and RefEntrys in the TOC (it seems
  to work, but I'm not real confident about it)
Made BOOK TITLE test for BOOKINFO and %generate-titlepage% (in other words,
  BOOK TITLE will generate a title page if there is no BOOKINFO)
Hacked REFERENCE TITLE to make it a $divtitlepage$ if each RefEntry starts
  on its own page anyway
Changed the quadding on $divtitlepage$ to 'center
Made the "--" between RefName and RefPurpose a proper em-dash
Added %default-simplesect-level% and adjusted the definition of SECTLEVEL
  in dbsect.dsl so that simplesects would always appear at the level below
  the section level that contains them.  %default-simplesect-level% is used
  for SimpleSects contained directly within chapter-level elements
Added ldquo, rdquo, em-space, and en-space to the list of dingbats
  (would it be better to include the appropriate ISO entity set instead?)
Fixed bug: if %gentext-chap-or-app% is "", don't output a space after it
Added %gentext-title-label-sep%, the character sequence inserted between
  generated title numbers and the actual title, ". " by default
Added %section-autolabel%, if true, all unlabeled sections behave as
  though they are labeled AUTO.  (Except that SimpleSects are never
  auto numbered.)
Fixed bug in $sectitle$, it was looking for the RENDERAS and LABEL 
  attributes on the TITLE, not the containing section element.
Added a comment to dbtable.dsl, you can make rules in tables by setting
  %cals-rule-default% to 1.



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