Re: rotating pages?

Subject: Re: rotating pages?
From: Jean-Xavier Lotthé <mg068-3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 01:44:00 +0000
Norman wrote:
>Can the Jade RTF backend do landscape rotation, for a table, for

Following is pure speculation and intuition.
DSSSL Online only includes the simple-page-sequence flow object. According
to Jon Bosak's 'DSSSL Online Application Profile': 'The simple-page-sequence
flow object is intended for systems that wish to provide a very simple page
layout facility. More complex page layouts can be obtained with the
page-sequence' which is not part of DSSSL-o and therefore not included in
Jade. I guess the landscape rotation of a page may be included in this
page-sequence flow object.

I could not read anything in either the table or the display-group flow
objects. If this option is not supported in the RTF backend, it is not due
to the backend itself but rather to the fact that such an option is not
mandatory in the DSSSL standard and thus not required in DSSSL-o.

Moreover, I'm not sure whether the RTF format accepts such an option at all.
Could you do it in Word ? I've tried and only succeeded in having a new
section formatted in landscape orientation. The problem is you end up with a
page break and the whole page is in landscape, i.e. page headers and footers
are landscaped too.

May my intuition not be too wrong.


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