Accessing attributes

Subject: Accessing attributes
From: LINARESA@xxxxxxxxxxxx (LINARESA)
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 10:32:34 -0400
     I have just begun working in the world of DSSSL.  I am wondering if 
     there is a way to access attributes that are within tags and use those 
     values to be printed out or used in some other way.
     Example: <TASK ID="task1" Name="dosomething" Version=ver0">
     I am looking to have the output in RTF, and being able to use 
     variables in the output. For example formatting the attribute "Name" 
     to be a certain justification and size, and use the value of "Name" 
     (dosomething) to be printed out in the format specified for the 
     I noticed dsssl being able to access variables from within 
     external-graphic there a way to do the same with the 
     other flow objects ie.. paragraph, tables, etc...
     Andre A. Linares

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