DocBook modular style sheet version 0.88

Subject: DocBook modular style sheet version 0.88
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 15:56:26 -0400
I've made a few more changes to the DocBook modular style sheet.
I'm still planning to pass this along to Jon real-soon-now, so please
report any problems asap.  In particular, the non-English localizations
may no longer be completely up to date; help with those would be most

README for DocBook Style Sheet version 0.88, 1997-07-27

Removed the forced page break after the automatically generated TOC
Added gentext-xref-element-name, the string that should be used in printed
  cross references to an element.
Put %writingmode% back into dbparam.dsl so that the page header/footer
  code can test for writing mode
Change default font size for verbatim displays so that 80 character lines
  will fit by default
Added $side-header$, $center-header$, $side-footer$, and $center-footer$.
  These functions allow a stylesheet to easily override the use and 
  placement of headers and footers on the left, center, and right side 
  of pages.

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