Re: Entities and output -Reply

Subject: Re: Entities and output -Reply
From: David Pawson <DPawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 15:55:11 +0000

>>> Paul Prescod <papresco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
29/July/1997 04:34pm >>>
David Pawson wrote:
>  > given an entity representing a chess piece,
> &white-bish
> the braille equivalent would be a small
> sequence of ASCII  literals.

There are so many kinds of SGML entities (I think too many).
You should be more specific. Is this an SDATA, general,
text, internal, ...entity? 

Just post the declaration.


 It's a general entity I believe, being (in this case)
the sequence .,L (slightly more readable to the 
sighted as &white-bish; )

I am trying to grasp when the expansion takes place,
is it by Jade as it processes the entity prior to 
putting it into the output port (stream), or is it
processed seperably according to style-sheet content.

Thanks, DaveP

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