Re: New Jade test release available

Subject: Re: New Jade test release available
From: Per-Ake.Ling@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Per-Ake Ling)
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 16:17:52 +0200
> From dssslist-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wed Aug 27 15:45:22 1997
> We are using an SGML database that requires the doctype files to be tagged too.
> Like:
> <!DOCTYPE course [
> <!ELEMENT course       - - (coursecode, coursedata, course-schedule, coordinator
> s, description, footnote?) >
> ...
> but jade does not accept this, why we have to remove the "<!DOCTYPE course ["
> level. It is not a big problem of course, I'm merely interrested in what is
> the standard?

This is unfortunately a subject with a lot of misnuderstandings.

The "docyment type declaration" is "<!DOCTYPE xxx [ ...... ]>", which
consists of the "document type definition", i.e. DTD. The dotted line
correspond to the content of the DTD (more or less).

So, an entity that claims to be a DTD does _not_ contain the DOCTYPE,
the only place that a DOCTYPE can occur is at the beginning of a document
instance (after the SGML declaration).

Unfortunately the natural way to make an acronym of "docyment type
declaration" is DTD, and this helps to foster the misunderstandings.

SP and Jade are doing the right thing. There are some tool that either
requier the DOCTYPE (wrong) or accept either format. In my view the
accepting the DOCTYPE is a disservice in the long run since it hardly
clears up the confusion.

For a more complete and detailed description, consult the SGML Handbook.

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