Re: DSSSL Digest now publicly available

Subject: Re: DSSSL Digest now publicly available
From: Chris Maden <crism@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 10:17:42 -0400
The announcement of the DSSSL Digest (or reference) at
<URL:> sparked me to
get around to announcing my SGML reference on comp.text.sgml.  For
those of you who don't read c.t.s, it's at
<URL:>.  I find
it very useful day-to-day, especially when checking that XML remains
valid HTML.

As posted to c.t.s, this information is copyright ISO, and is intended
only as a supplement to ISO 8879.  (You won't find it very useful
without the accompanying text anyhoo.)

<!ENTITY crism PUBLIC "-//O'Reilly//NONSGML Christopher R. Maden//EN"
"<URL> <TEL>+1.617.499.7487
<USMAIL>90 Sherman Street, Cambridge, MA 02140 USA" NDATA SGML.Geek>

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