Re: Outputting arbitrary strings from Jade

Subject: Re: Outputting arbitrary strings from Jade
From: Chris Maden <crism@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 13:44:32 -0400
[Eliot Kimber]
> You should be able to use the SGML transform back end and use the
> formatting-instruction flow object to generate the MIF instructions,
> e.g.,:
> (default 
>   (make formatting-instruction data:
>     (literal (string-append 
>       "&lt;!Element.Tag '" 
>       (gi (current-node))
>       "'" ; Rest of MIF gorp goes here
>     )))

With a small correction, this works: the data characteristic takes a
string, not a flow object, so leave out (literal ).  And don't forget
to declare formatting-instruction:

(declare-flow-object-class formatting-instruction "UNREGISTERED::James
Clark//Flow Object Class::formatting-instruction")

In theory, then, if one were sufficienly masochistic, one could do all
one's work with the "SGML" back-end, and never use anything else.
Maybe I'll write a PostScript formatter... d-:

> Note that we are developing a MIF back end for Jade (see our recent
> call for beta testers)--perhaps O'Reilly would be interested in
> funding an enhancement to enable the generation of MIF that includes
> markup structure (essentially combining the SGML element flow
> objects from the SGML back end with the formatting flow objects of
> standard DSSSL)?

I've already expressed interest in testing the MIF back end.  As for
funding... talk to my bosses.

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