Re: DSSSL extensions for XSL

Subject: Re: DSSSL extensions for XSL
From: christo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Frank Christoph)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 10:17:51 +0900
> > > Is an upwards-only call/cc very valuable.
> > 
> > It's useful for all things you would use return/break/continue for in C,
> > Java or JavaScript.
> > 
> > > I know that it can be used to
> > > implement exception handling, but I think it may be more confusing than
> > > helpful. A catch/throw special form might be more appropriate. Are there
> > > other uses of an upwards-only call/cc?

What "upwards-only" call/cc is supposed to denote?  I'm aware of something
similar to "downwards-only" call/cc, namely the so-called call/ec
(call-with-escaping-continuation).  This might be called downwards-only
because the continuation can be passed down, but not up and out of the
protected expression.  Is this what you mean?


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