entity representation in RTF

Subject: entity representation in RTF
From: gdsot@xxxxxx (Slot, Gerald)
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 09:48:20 +0100

A few month ago I posted a question to this mailing list about wrong
entity representations in rtf files that were the result of a conversion
with jade. Special characters such as alpha en beta did not appear right
in the rtf documents. The solution was that I had to install the
multi-language option in Windows 95, and this helped.

But now I also have to distribute the rtf documents to our customers.
When they are using Windows 95 we could ask them to install the
multi-language option to view the documents, but when they are using
windows NT this is not possible because windows NT has no multi-language
I also tried to open the documents in MS-Word and save them with the
includeFonts option on, to save the used fonts in the documents, but
this did not work.

What I actually want is that my alpha and beta entities are translated
to symbols from the 'symbol font' and not as characters with the font
'Arial Greek'. Is there some way I can get this done?

Gerald Slot
SDU, The Netherlands

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