Re: Typo in DSSSL standard for (ancestors) function description

Subject: Re: Typo in DSSSL standard for (ancestors) function description
From: Dave Love <>
Date: 17 Oct 1997 15:36:20 +0100
>>>>> "Ken" == G Ken Holman <gkholman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

 Ken> For those who have not needed to do this before, functions not
 Ken> implemented in JADE can be implemented in your DSSSL programs by
 Ken> copying excerpts directly from the DSSSL standard (unless, of
 Ken> course, they have typos!).

... assuming also they use primitives which Jade supplies.  For
instance originally there wasn't a way to implement most of the
node-list stuff because you didn't have `node-list' (even if you could
hack `empty-node-list').  Now Jade has the constructors, but you'll
have to implement `node-list-reduce' to be able to copy various of the
functions in the standard; I think there's a list-based `reduce' given
whose modification is trivial.  [There's presumably an assumption that
a reduce operation will be primitive because most interesting list
functions can be done with it.]

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