DocBook to HTML version 0.5

Subject: DocBook to HTML version 0.5
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 1997 17:26:23 -0500

I've put version 0.5 of my DocBook to HTML stylesheet up at (There are no
links to it yet, though).

I've made a bunch of changes over an extended period of time, so
I'm hoping a few brave souls will download it and let me know if
they encounter problems.

Here's what I meant to change ;-)

 * Fixed bugs associated with automatically generated TOCs that
   contain only one element (when %force-chapter-toc% is true).

 * Added %generate-legalnotice-link% and the
   ability to place LegalNotices in an external file, linked
   to from the Copyright notice.

 * Generate HTML anchors on Figures.

 * Fixed a bug in Table and Figure enumeration.

 * Replaced (process-children-trim) with 
   (process-children) in many places. (Should be done in all?)

 * Added support for ENTITYREF on Graphic and InlineGraphic

 * Changed DocInfo, Sect1Info, etc. to process children. This
   will cause backward compatability problems for users that have
   *Info elements but don't want that content displayed.  A future
   version will fix this problem by making all of the internal
   containers (empty-sosofo)s.

   Added wrappers for handling Abstracts in DocInfo.

 * Added %gentext-nav-use-ff% to toggle use
   of &ldquo;fast forwarding&rdquo; in navigation. Fast
   forwarding adds navigation elements to skip forward to the next
   sibling element (i.e. the next chapter) instead of the next
   sequential element (i.e. the first sect1).

   Added support for fast forward navigation.

 * Changed the functions that insert navigational elements to
   make insert of graphics easier.

 * Added more hooks in dblink.dsl to make customizing titles easier.

 * First cut at support for horizontal and vertical spanning and 
   alignment in tables.

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