Assign Element Value to Variable

Subject: Assign Element Value to Variable
From: PSPARKES@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 17:45:20 +0000
     Help Please
     1. I wish to output the following fragment with the contents of <TI2> 
     before <TI1>:
     <TI1>Slow=set aq. Bituminous emulsion contg. Alkaline soln. Of anionic 
     <TI2>Which is the reaction prod. of base and poly:carboxylic acid; or 
     anhydride reaction prod. of unsatd. Fatty acid and or rosin=derived 
     resin acid, etc.</TI2>
     2. However, I can't get the following code to work, which I amended 
     from the code on Daniel German's tutorial where it works.
      (let ((x
         (data (select-elements (children (if (equal? (gi) "Title")
                                            (ancestor "Title")))
      if x ends in "." drop it. then concatenate ":"
         (string-append  ":"     )
     (element Title
         (make paragraph
             start-indent:          .3cm 
             space-before:           .3cm
             font-weight:            'bold
        (literal (*groupName*))
     (element (Title TI1)                
         (make paragraph
             space-before:           .5cm
             start-indent:          .5cm
             font-weight:          'bold
     3. The reordering works, but *groupName* only contains ":". Please, 
     what am I doing wrong and is there a better way of doing it?
     Peter Sparkes

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