DSSL Documentation Project and "Tips"

Subject: DSSL Documentation Project and "Tips"
From: Richard.Hirsch@xxxxxxxxxx (by way of "Dennis J. O'Connor" <doconnor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 10:07:18 +0000

As a DSSL newbie, I thought a "tips" category might be useful in
the DSSL Documentation Project. "Tips" would be short blurbs
of DSSL knowledge that help beginners get past the hurdles that take
up so much time in the initial phases of the learning process.

For example, how do you output  a string with a '<' character in Jade. I
the various tutorials and the DSSSList Archive and tried various tricks for an
answer. I finally found the solution in the package of "mathematical DSSSL
on Chris Maden's  Home Page (http://www.oreilly.com/people/staff/crism). 

The solution: 

	use "make formatting-instruction data:"  and "&#60;"

Although I like a challenge and enjoyed struggling to find the answer, it
be helpful if small tidbits of information on DSSL were collected somewhere.

A comment on the DSSSL Documentation Project: I like the "Procedures" Library
but as a beginner, I am not quite up to this level yet. As a beginner, the
are much more basic.  What are needed are more examples. I found Jon Bosak's
examples very useful.

Another idea: Have a list with descriptions of various projects/companies that
are using DSSSL in real-world business applications/settings. 

BTW: I tried reading the DSSSL ISO Standard and found it pretty tough going. 
Without some sort of a guide, it is almost impossible to understand it.


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