ANNOUNCE: Modular DocBook Stylesheets, 0.96 and 0.9

Subject: ANNOUNCE: Modular DocBook Stylesheets, 0.96 and 0.9
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 13:51:05 -0500
Hello world,

I've put (yet) another new version of the Modular DocBook
Stylesheets up at

New this time around, callouts (!), non-PRE linespecific regions
in HTML, test documents (!), and assorted bug fixes.

Here's the print change log (the HTML change log is mostly analagous):

0.96, 04 Dec 1997

This release contains support for callouts, a few other
enhancements, a number of bug fixes, and a set of test

Changes to dblib.dsl; the general function library:

Fixed bug in has-ancestor-member?; it returned precisely the
opposite condition.

Added string->list, list->string, and split.

Changes to dbcommon.dsl; the common library:

Added REFENTRY to major-component-element-list to fix HTML
navigation problems.

Added EQUATION to block-element-list so that XREFs are possible.

Removed extraneous space in author-list-string.

Added bibliodiv-autolabel, glossdiv-autolabel,
dedication-title-sosofo, and dedication-title.

Changes to the print stylesheet:

Added more support for CALLOUTs. The support is based on an old
posting to the dssslist and is fairly fragile. See dbcallou.dsl.

Added support for line numbers in linespecific displays. Like
the support for CALLOUTs, it's a bit fragile.

Added support for bibliography entries. The result probably
doesn't follow any particular, published bibliographic style,
and may not suit the needs of anyone, but at least the
stylesheet tries now. ;-)

Added a period to the end of titles in $runinhead$s. (e.g., on

Added, but left commented out, the ability to set $runinhead$s
in small caps.

Fixed bug that caused table footnotes to be enumerated

Added endnotes to REFENTRYs; removed endnotes from REFERENCES
(so they aren't repeated).

Support for CALLOUTs to multiple AREAs is broken. The stylesheet
now outputs "??" to indicate this.

Added support for TITLEABBREV in running headers and footers.

Added %division-title-quadding%, %division-subtitle-quadding%,
%component-*title-quadding%, and %section-*title-quadding%.

Suppress ACRONYM and ABBREV in the direct content model of

Fixed bug, made GRAPHIC graphics "display" rather than "inline".

Added a %guilabel-font-family% so that GUI type things can be
printed in an alternate font. Fixed KEYCOMBO so that a "+" is
printed between its children.

Fixed a couple of typos in dbl1dege.dsl and added support for

Improved dbl1ru.dsl.

Added DEDICATION and "Pgs." to dbl1usen.dsl.

Fixed numeration bug in ORDEREDLISTs.

Removed errant reference to %cals-cell-content-end-indent% in

that inline graphics don't seem to work in the RTF backend.

Suppress MSGREL.

Made default setting of %verbatim-font-size% dependent on

Use of a monospaced font in inlines now respects

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