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Subject: Re: The DSSSList Digest V1 #199
From: Sean Mc Grath <digitome@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 10:56:39 GMT
>From: Paul Grosso <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Some XSL Questions
>There is no XSL spec.  The only XSL document that exists (publicly or 
>otherwise) is the submission made last August and acknowledged by the W3C
>staff last September:
>	<>
>As a submission, it is only a partial starting point, and detailed discussion 
>of it is of very questionable utility (and I suspect most of the authors of 
>the submission will
not find it well worth their time to reply).

If so, that is disappointing. Why bother having a partial starting point
document in the public arena if it is not a partial starting point
for the discussion?

Sorry to waste the time of people on the list. Thanks, Norm for
your help!

Guess I was mislead by the document I downloaded from the 
Arbortext Web Site last week written by Paul Grosso called
"XSL - a proposed stylesheet for XML". Towards the end it says:-

"Given the attention and expertise put into this draft and the relatively
wide range of input it has already had, it is reasonable to expect
that the final draft form of XSL will not be substantially different
from the current proposal."

Sean Mc Grath
sean at digitome dot com

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