Re: pdftex archive troubles

Subject: Re: pdftex archive troubles
From: s.rahtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Sebastian Rahtz)
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 21:22:56 +0000
Thomas G. Lockhart writes:
 > poking around, I found it on the CTAN archives, but the Makefile needs a
 > package called pdftex, which does not seem to be installed on my
just not a very elegant Makefile, sorry

 > Went to .cz to the source and found (apparently) a complete
 > pdftex.tar.gz file (444024 bytes), but have not yet figured out how to
 > install it. configure is not happy because some files are missing (this
if you want pdftex, get a TeX Live distribution on CD-ROM from any TeX
Users Group, or wait for the Web2c 7.2 TeX release in a month or so.

as i said in an earlier message, a beta TeX Live 3 CD with running
systems for common Unixes and Win 32 can be had from me in exchange
for a blank CD. this is the most up to date and complete TeX system in
existence, i will say with confidence.


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