PRESS RELEASE: DAE SDK and DAE Server Released in Beta

Subject: PRESS RELEASE: DAE SDK and DAE Server Released in Beta
From: lex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Alex Milowski)
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 09:51:01 -0600 (CST)

Copernican Solutions Releases the DAE SDK and DAE Server Software in Beta.


DAE (Document Application Environment) is a Java-based SDK for processing
SGML and XML documents using DSSSL constructs.  The foundations of this
SDK is the DSSSL Developer's Toolkit developed at Copernican Solutions.
This toolkit is based on a componentized design allowing different 
technology components to be substituted in the DAE environment without
affecting the other components.

The DAE currently supports: DSSSL SDQL, DSSSL Style Language, DSSSL Groves,
SGML processing, XML processing, Scheme or Java Programming.

In addition, the DAE has been integrated into a Java-based web server allowing
DAE-based applications to be developed within a web context.  This server
supports HTTP 1.1 and has a uniform object-oriented design. 


We strongly believe that DSSSL, SGML, and XML technology in Java is fundamental 
technology.  In light of this, we have restructured our licensing policy from 
what was distributed at SGML/XML '97.  This policy change is to allows us to 
ensure that the right kind on technology--especially Java-based technology--is 
available for use and experimentation as well as for developing commercial

This policy also allows us to work with "Development Partners" ensuring our
technology or what results from working with these Development Partners is
available in a majority of web application environments.  Development Partners
benefit from a close development relationship, support, and immediate access to 
technology updates.

  Non-Commercial Use         - Free
  Internal Commercial Use    - Free
  Commercial Re-distribution - Requires a Development Partner Agreement.


The DAE SDK and DAE Server software are now available for download at:

  Copernican Solutions Incorporated

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