Re: Graphics figures for dvi/ps and html

Subject: Re: Graphics figures for dvi/ps and html
From: Norman Walsh <norm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 11:11:24 -0500
> I'm using Norms modular DocBook stylesheets. Where can I add the
> necessary lines of code?
> I've tried the following in the sgml source:
> <graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.eps" role="TEXPS"></graphic>
> <graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.gif" role="RTF"></graphic>
> But the result was the inclusion of both into the result file.

In the 1.0 release of the DocBook stylesheets, you'll be able to say 

  <graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2"></graphic>

And the HTML stylesheet will include f1b-2.gif while the 
print stylesheet will include f1b-2.eps.

If you want more explicit control, you can use marked sections:

<graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.eps"></graphic>
<graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.gif"></graphic>

and set the %print; and %html; parameter entities yourself.

> Another question is how can I use something like the LaTeX \label \ref
> commands? Instead of the \label I use an ID at the appropriate object,
> i.e.
> <figure id="f1b-2" float="1">
> <title>Beteiligung
> </title>
> <graphic align="center" fileref="f1b-2.eps"></graphic>
> </figure>
> but how can I reference the number of the figure!? <xref
> linkend="f1b-2" endterm="f1b-2"> is replaced by the title. What can I
> do?

Leave off the endterm attribute and you should get
  "Figure #"

as the reference. The DocBook semantics are that if endterm is
specified, the _content_ of endterm is to be used as the xref
text.  I'm surprised that you don't get the graphic in the xref,

If you want to change the reference text (to leave out the word Figure,
for example), modify (gentext-xref-strings).


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