Right-align a table column

Subject: Right-align a table column
From: "Wayne Richards" <WRichards@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 17:44:07 -0500
Comments: Authenticated sender is <wayne@mail10.pair.com>
I'm attempting to right-align a column in my table using 
display-alignment: 'end, but the rtf is still left-aligned when I 
open it with Word.  Am I doing this right?

(element PriceList
    (make sequence
      (make paragraph
  	  space-before: 12pt
	  space-after: 12pt
	  font-size: 16pt
	  font-posture:  'italic
	  font-weight: 'bold
	  (process-first-descendant 'TableTitle)
     (make paragraph
	 (make table
	   display-alignment: 'center
	   (make table-column      
	       column-number:      1
	       width:              2.5in)
	   (make table-column      
	       column-number:      2
	       display-alignment:  'end	;****************
	       width:              1in)
	   (make table-column            ; a blank column
	       column-number:      3
	       width:              2in)
	   (process-matching-children 'Row)

Thanks for any help.


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