Re: jadetex again Thanks! Sebastian

Subject: Re: jadetex again Thanks! Sebastian
From: Bill Raynor <braynor@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 17:08:26 CST
> I have installed a new release of jadetex (0.56) on
> which fixes a couple of bugs (including the one about horizontal rules
> in multi-columns), and adds a subdirectory './cooked' containing all
> the TeX macro files you need to build the format. If you want to use
> them. copy them up to the current directory, and do a make. that
> should yield "jadetex.fmt" which you install in the normal way.
> i will endeavour to keep "cooked" up to date, but i am not promising
> that the runtime will not ask for more files.

That mostly did the trick. Some nits and what I did:
 moved all the cooked files into . and did: initex \&latex jadetex.ini
 i. babel complains about french hyphenation patterns missing for 
    french and ultimately tells me that the French language is undefined
    and that my language.dat file is corrupted.
    -ignored. I haven't installed any languages (other than english)
     in my base latex fmt.
 ii. complained that the local hyperref.sty file was out of date. 
    - downloaded the most recent version from the UK site, made it
      and copied it over to this dir. 
    - btw: there's a version slew problem. I've been downloading from
      various U.S. sites previously, and those versions are at
      [1997/09/09 5.3 Hypertext links for LaTeX]. I believe I got
      this one from or
  iii. got warning that my latex was out of date (I have 1996/12/01 and
     it wanted 1997/12/01.)
     - ignored it (actually I've downloaded the new base files, but 
       haven't built them yet....)

The testbib file worked fine (i.e. it built silently & and had a readable
dvi file. xdvi complained incessently about push and pop specials.)

I also tried it against xbook.sgm in the test subdirectory of Norm Walsh's
Docbook DSSSL specification. jadetex got really upset with the table 
subsection, complaining about missing \cr's, extraneous & and missing  or 
extra \endgroup commands, and missing } characters. I'll rebuild with
a current Latex and see if that helps.    The dvi file was fairly readable,
although the table section looked horrible. I guess I'm going to have 
to build jadetexpdf or whatever....

Thanks for the help!

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