Re: dsssl functions

Subject: Re: dsssl functions
From: Daniel Speck <dspeck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 14:44:55 -0500
Boris Goldowsky wrote:

> A couple of questions.  I know scheme and SGML pretty well, but am new
> to DSSSL.
> 1. Does someone have a quick-reference list of functions legal in
>    DSSSL, or just the DSSSL stylesheet language, or Jade?
>    I'm looking for a reference source shorter than the text of the standard.

See Henry Thompson's digest of DSSSL procedures which lists each of the
procedures in the DSSSL standard and references the section that defines it:

> 2. Many DSSSL functions accept arguments in keyword/value pairs --
>    as in (make element GI: "P" attributes '(...)).
>    I'm familiar with defining functions in scheme, but how do you
>    define a function with keyword arguments like that?

The DSSSL expression language was _inspired by_ Scheme but is not a subset of
it. Keyword arguments may be defined using the following syntax:

(define (foo #!key (param1 val1) (param2 val2))

and used as: (foo param: expr1 param2: expr2)

See section "Lambda Expression" of the standard.

> 3. Are there resources somewhere which give some comparisons of the
>    various DSSSL engines that are available?  What do you get for your
>    money if you buy one of the commercial ones?

Not to my knowledge. There aren't too many commercial DSSSL engines available
yet. The only one I know if is from Copernican Solutions
and it is still alpha. Hopefully there will be more to choose from soon.


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