New SP/Jade test release

Subject: New SP/Jade test release
From: James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 11:05:50 +0700
A new test release of SP and Jade is now available from:

Win32 binaries are available from:

This is SP version 1.2.92 and Jade version 1.0.93.

In SP the main change since 1.2.91 is better support for XML based on
the final WebSGML Adaptations Annex.  There's documentation on this is
xml.htm. Also the SX application has been merged in.

In Jade the main change since 1.0.92 is in the FOT backend. The FOT file
is now well-formed XML. It has also been changed to make it closer to
the action part of an XSL style-sheet.  The hyperlinking information is
also represented in a more straightforward way.  The idea is to make it
practical both to have new backends that work from the FOT file and to
have other programs that generate an FOT file. (Eventually I would like
to make the existing backends be able to take input from an FOT file as
well as directly from Jade.)

Note that I'm discontinuing distributing non-Unicode Win32 binaries,
and  so the SP Win32 executables do have Unicode support but no longer a
"u" suffix.


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